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    General Rental Information

    All of our prices include delivery, tent set up and pick up within a 10 mile radius. After 10 miles there will be a $1.25 per mile charge (one way).
    *Special request will be extra. Tables and chairs optional.

    The customer is responsible for all rental items from the time of delivery until the time of pick up. Please be sure to secure all rental items while not in use under a protective shelter such as a tent, garage or house. All items must be ready for pick up by scheduled pick up time. This means all items must be stacked or packaged as they were delivered. There will be additional charges if the above guidelines are not followed. Missing items will be your responsibility.

    All reservations are guaranteed when a deposit of at least 50% of the total rental charges has been paid. All deposits are non refundable if the function is cancelled. The remaining charges are due prior to deliver. All prices are subject to change.